Community Development

Software development of this nature was an extremely expensive and time-consuming task. There were 3 major reasons for this:

Hardware and software platforms were expensive and limited in power. This increased costs while lengthening the time it took to complete projects.

The breadth of knowledge and training necessary to successfully develop commercial software meant that finding quality software developers was extremely difficult and expensive.

Most importantly, there were only a handful of software development tools available and those that did exist offered only limited capabilities. Because of the high cost structure, organizations that created high-end community development software had no choice but to charge high prices.

The biggest change, however, is in the quality of software development environments.

These tools provide so much built-in functionality that the thousands of man-hours necessary to write supporting code has largely vanished. In short, our software developers focus 100% of their time and effort on making the critical features of our Community Development applications better. And because of the great tools that are available, we can create this software within a reasonable cost structure.

The end result is this: We can now create high quality, feature-rich Community Development software at a value price.

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