Influencer Outreach

NetGlobe Media Group is an influencer outreach and content marketing platform for publishers, brands and basically whoever uses influencer outreach or content marketing.

You can search for bloggers, influencers and publishers with confidence, as NetGlobe Media Group is integrated with other top companies providers to ensure you only get the most authoritative results.You can also create automated email sequences to reach out to the influencers you’ve found, so that you can save hours each month and get better results, faster.

NetGlobe Media Group offer analytics as well, so that you can figure out where you’re getting things wrong and perfect your outreach strategy.

Influencer is the act of identifying trusted individuals with an engaged audience and directing marketing activities towards these influencers to receive publicly visible endorsements of a brand, service, or product.In other words, rather than paying to access customers directly, brands spend their money to gain access to influencers – who in turn share their experiences across their large, primarily online, networks.

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