Media Planning

Media planning is the process of identifying and selecting media outlets – mainly newspapers, magazines, websites, TV and radio stations, and outdoor placement – in which to place paid advertisements. The person responsible for evaluating the many media options and strategizing campaigns to support a particular product, service, or brand is called a media planner. Media planners typically are employed by advertising agencies.

Media tool is a professional media planning collaboration software created specifically for advertisers and agencies. Use it to get a comprehensive overview of all your marketing activities, campaign plans, and yearly summaries in one place.

Media tool helps you plan and manage your marketing faster and smarter. Gone are the days of sharing excel spread sheets. Let Media tool be your single source of truth for tracking all of your traditional and digital media activities in one location.

Media tool is a one-stop-shop for all of your media planning needs. It brings all your plans and media data into one, centralized hub. With our cloud-based media planning tool you get one, reliable source for all of your media activities and waste zero time on out-dated excel budget sheets and email threads. Check the status of your budget, set and manage deadlines, keep a close eye on marketing actions, and learn which actions give the best return.

A comprehensive, real-time overview of all your marketing activities. From campaign build to budget analysis and final reporting, Media tool is your marketing department’s end-to-end tool for planning, collaborating and optimizing campaigns.

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