Our Team


President and CEO

A serial entrepreneur with investment in various IT & Telecom related services. Expertise in building business strategies, planning , execution & great network in sourcing funds for innovative ideas. As a finance specialist with more than twenty years of experience, working in areas such as business analysis, and software systems consulting. Allows him to offer unique insights as well as providing the technical skills needed for developing end-to-end solutions from inception to reality. Experience in handling key stake holders like independent board members, joint venture partners, Government bodies etc


Chief Operation Officer

Senior Management leader with an established track record of driving growth and creating value for global shared services, 20+ years of experience in telecom, VAS & software. Worked with global leaders to develop & execute innovative products. Experience of working with many start –ups , Growth and Turnaround environments. Designed and Delivered high visibility business change & digital transformation programs. Lead & Managed large multi cultural, global Cross-functional teams. Proven ability to build and scale high-performance teams spanning Operations, Technology, Sales/Marketing and Customer Service. Specialties: P&L Management, Strategy Design and Execution, Global Operations, Business Development, Turnarounds, Business Transformation, Talent Management, Board Management.


Vice President

Over all Sixteen  years of experience in Handling Inbound & Outbound operations, managing databases, in Telecomm industry with Client Management and expertise in Business & Data Analytics / Transition Management /CRM/VAS. Managed an extensive daily workload with responsibility for Reporting, Business Analysis, Process improvements and information management among others.

Outstanding success in building and maintaining relationships with key corporate decision-makers, establishing large volumes, high-profit accounts with excellent levels of retention and loyalty. Exceptionally well organized, with a track record that demonstrates self-motivation, creativity and initiative to achieve corporate goals.

Excellent in building long term relationship with customers and ability to manage Ensuring a high-quality customer experience, elevating customer satisfaction, while adhering to the quality standards and work processes.


Business Head

Extensive experience over 15years in Business Development, Product Management, Sales Management, Account management and finance with a proven track record.


Chief Technical Officer

Peter is the Chief Technology Officer at NetGlobe Media Group , a leading global provider of online solutions including hosting and email marketing to empower small businesses.

Peter leads the product engineering teams and spearheads the vision and strategic technical direction for all the company’s software offerings. He brings with him more than 25 years of engineering leadership, technology strategy, and software architecture experience in several technology companies like Intuit, Ultimate Software, and Sage. An accomplished executive with a proven track record of transforming legacy systems into modern software architectures and delivering highly scalable systems, Peter ensures Endurance’s products, technology platforms, and software architecture are able to evolve to support emerging customer and market opportunities.


VP  Sales

Craig leads the sales team at NetGlobe Media Group, where he oversees the company`s global sales operations, including enterprise sales, sales engineering, channel development and client success. Prior to joining NetGlobe Media Group, he was at CareerBuilder for 15 years, where he most recently led the Vertical Sales Group and was responsible for generating over $200 million in global revenue.


VP Marketing

Tim is head of marketing at NetGlobe Media Group, where he leads the marketing and customer success teams. He oversees customer growth and acquisition, communications, product marketing, demand generation, customer success and partnerships. Prior to joining NetGlobe Media Group, he lead marketing and business development at Posterous through its acquisition.


VP Advertising

She is responsible for building and managing NetGlobe Media Group ad stack as well as monetizing the site’s advertising revenue. With over 10 years of experience in both Client Services and Ad Operations functions. Jennifer is an accomplished and proven talent when it comes to understanding, building and implementing ad campaigns of all kinds.

In the last two years, Jennifer has been working with several ad tech & media companies on various functions such us programmatic optimization, strategic partner management, reporting tools & analytic’s.


Project Management and Client Support

Brian Kinion has been a systems developer, a business systems analyst and a professional services manager who has worked with companies ranging from small businesses to international corporations over the last 25 years. Brian Kinion expertise is in strategic website planning, design and development, content strategy & internet marketing and sales, with a strong background in database application programming, project management and content management.


Manager, learning and Development

A former teacher and recent PR professional, Sarah Mccabe is dedicated to providing our team with opportunities for continued learning. Her day-to-day activities include creating and disseminating training curriculum, leading professional development workshops and supporting employee growth.

Sarah Mccabe first joined Walker Sands as a Senior Account Executive, and her experience at the firm includes working closely with clients in the retail and education technology industries.


Director of Business Development

His roles include business development and project management ; building client relationships and guiding clients through the design and development processes. He has over 20 years of industry experience, earning a Communication degree focusing in Marketing with a minor in Graphic Design, Public Relations and a Associates in Business Administration.


HR Consulting and Out Sourcing

Kim Wilson has expertise across all human resources disciplines, proving her to be a true, seasoned generalist. With over 25 years of experience in human resource management, she has consistently demonstrated an ability to succeed above and beyond expectations.  Kim Wilson has experience in multiple industries including manufacturing/distribution, banking, and retail. Prior to starting her own practice, Kim Wilson was a Senior HR Consultant with an HR outsourcing firm, where she supported multiple clients, providing strategic and day-to-day HR consulting.


HR Manager

Build and maintain a workplace that is respectful and professional toward all employees, volunteers, contractors, and other persons visiting the work place and public service environment.Provide a campus culture that ensures a safe environment for all employees to thrive physically, mentally, emotionally and professionally. Recruiting.  Administering Compensation & Benefits. On boarding & Training.  Providing Safety Tools & Compliance. Promoting Professional Development. Assisting in Performance Management.


Sales Rep

A track record of helping organizations grow revenues through sales, marketing, and customer engagement. He has coached and worked directly with over one hundred organizations and business startups, helping them to secure over two million dollars in new funding. He start-up ecosystem coaching clients through value proposition development and sales planning.

He identified trust and relationship building as the key factors for success in the early stages of team building. In the same way, he has come to realize that, at its foundation, the sales process is based on building strong connections, growing trust, and going beyond the superficial.


Marketing Manager

“Technical sales experience and creating value is essential in today’s innovative, customer-focused marketplace.” Extensive technical sales experience in automotive and off-highway markets with strong program management and communication skills which create value for continued growth. The last decade focused on deploying skill set to the Engine and Powertrain/Driveline sector.


Senior Marketing Manager

As Marketing Manager, Joanne is involved in managing our social media accounts and internal marketing initiatives, in addition to working with clients and their marketing needs. Joanne treats each new project that she takes on as an opportunity to learn something new and to flex her creative muscles. She is always looking to combine her two passions: technology and design. She’s excited to dive into her role and get started with the Partners team.


Marketing Specalist

Marina is a marketing specialist with expertise in brand activation and digital marketing. She is experienced in influencing and relationship-building through content marketing and social media engagement to create brand awareness, foster brand loyalty and increase profitability.


Senior Product Manager

“Ability to find creative ‘win-win’ solutions to complex issues is where the GSM team adds significant value to the sales process.”

Extensive experience in technical sales, general management, acquisition and finance with a proven track record. Accomplishments in deal closure, sales growth and managing technical teams.Variety of ownership and acquisition experience of small to medium size automotive suppliers. NetGlobe Media Group sales team has an outstanding blend of results oriented sales professionals that are simply the best in the business.


Quality Associate

“Our main concern is to control the quality of the products developed at NetGlobe Media Group. We guarantee that every need of the client is fulfilled.”

They have concrete experience in software quality processes, knowledge of automation tools and unit tests and great communication and personal relations skills. They should have attention to detail.To understand which are the system’s goals and requirements in order to create the adequate test cases.They are in charge of creating and executing test cases, as well as reporting and tracking bugs until they are completely resolved.


Senior Quality Analyst

Rachel Hart is the Solutions Analyst for NetGlobe Media Group. She is responsible for translating both agency and end-user goals into technical requirements. Her primary focus is on providing technology solutions that…


Data Analyst

Robert combines strengths in practical, hands-on solutions, an innovative problem-solving approach, an analytical mind and close attention to detail.

He is highly experienced in analysis of complex data with a strong focus on energy and sustainability, and has worked extensively in equipment installation and maintenance, particularly in refrigeration. Processes and systems are his specialty, designing end-to-end process flows and training users in effective implementation.


Chief Media Officer

He lead digital strategy and investment as executive vice president, managing director, digital. While with Public’s he also served in senior digital leadership positions. He brings deep expertise, demonstrated leadership, and comprehensive knowledge to the agency.


Digital Strategy Director

Mariana is the Digital Strategy Director at NetGlobe Media Group and is responsible for the performance of the Digital Marketing activities for a number of major brands. She works closely with the teams at Reload to ensure these clients are at the forefront of digital maximizing all elements of their digital strategy.


Digital Marketing Associate

Christine has excelled at social media advertising, producing high performing campaigns that continually deliver on site results. She continues to refine advertising strategies, embrace new advertisement mediums, and create impact ads.


Director Digital Strategy

Leslie brings nearly a decade of tactical and strategic marketing experience to the  digital marketing team. As the Director of Digital Strategy, Leslie acts as an idea hub within the agency to provide clients with innovative digital approaches and solutions for their websites and marketing campaigns.

Leslie ’s expertise lies in her ability to imagine and appreciate how all digital channels can work together. She quickly develops a deep understanding of her clients’ businesses, the challenges they face in their market, and their business goals.


Digital Producer

She heads up the digital content team and has worked with a wide range of eCommerce clients to define and implement bespoke content strategies as part of their search marketing campaigns. Specializing in digital content consultancy and training, Debbie also works closely with our clients content teams to up skill them in the fundamentals of search engine optimization and writing for the web.


Legal Record Manager

Dan manages team of professional writing talent and provides content strategy, content editing and creative input on all of our clients’ content-related projects. He also applies his insider knowledge of the news industry to provide clients with comprehensive public relations services.  He has more than a decade of experience in the legal industry, having worked with a mix of legal publications, corporate law firms, plaintiffs firms, legal technology vendors and legal marketing consultancies.


Legal Assistant

Ursula is responsible for oversight of Online Legal Media’s Account Services area which includes account side integration with our Content and Editorial team. Ursula brings senior level experience to her role from a wide range of industries including Consumer Goods, Insurance, Legal and Entertainment. In her spare time, Ursula is a voice specialist with more than 20 years of experience as a performer in opera and musical theater.


Senior Legal Correspondent

She is an senior legal correspondent  Jill McKnighthas interviewed hundreds of people about many issues for the company, from bad pharmaceuticals to labor law. She is also a freelance writer for numerous national and international magazines and newspapers.


Senior Financial Advisor

Mark Albers works with his clients to develop and implement an investment management approach designed with their unique, personal objectives in mind. He also helps ensure that his clients’ investment management strategies work in concert with their financial plan. Once he develops his financial planning recommendations, coordinates with his clients’ accountant and estate planning attorney to create a seamless, well-defined strategy to help them work toward their financial goals.


Chief Financial Officer

Sarah is CFSI’s Chief Financial Officer and Chief Operating Officer. She leads the Shared Services Team and is responsible for CFSI’s accounting, financial reporting, talent and knowledge management, and operations.


Accounting Manager

Anne bringing with her over four years of experience Accounting Advisors.  She manages all accounting, financial reporting and administration.


Network Administrator

The Network Administrators install and maintain our enterprise firewalls as well as all wired and wireless network devices within the college.  They are an integral part of our network security and control what traffic goes in and out of our network.

Network Administrators are involved in all design aspects of infrastructure logically and physically including building renovations, data center redundancy, wireless access points and network closet power and cooling requirements to name a few. They monitor all traffic flows at our border with advanced intrusion detection and prevention. They also handle incident response in the event of a compromised computer.


System Administrator

The Systems Administrators install and maintain several backend and public facing services.   These services include the Active Directory, shared storage, client/server software packages, and VMware environment (did you know most of our servers are virtual not physical?).   Many of these services require an in depth knowledge of operating systems, hardware, and networking to properly install and configure.


IT Manager

Dave Horner has over 20 years of experience in information technology (IT) and in video/multimedia production, as well as recent work in the educational technology field. In his various roles over the years, which include assistant teaching in multimedia for grade six students for seven summers, and a lead instructor for a Taste of Technology summer course for elementary and middle school students, consulting on IT and audio visual needs, creating multimedia content


Customer Support

Customer Support Team (CST) focuses on resolving all IT issues that affect the everyday flow of your workday. Our team will focus on “first call resolution” through remote support and in-person visits. Also, we are working to improve the college’s communication capabilities by supporting video conferencing services for both administrative and educational functions. We continue to improve by making the customer experience and creating partnerships with faculty a focal point.


Management of OS and Software

Management of Operating Systems and Software (MOSS) manages Operating System updates and patches as well as the self-service software installations for Windows and Apple operating systems. Additionally, we assist the team in problem solving complex issues and special projects.


Technology Consulting

The Technology Consulting Team (TCT) is focused on: consulting with faculty, staff, and departments; designing, implementing, training, and supporting technology, conferencing and presentation rooms. We also provide consulting services to discover instructional and research lab technology needs. We can help provide creative solutions to advance your team’s mission and goals.


Senior Director Data Management

Karen Tsai is responsible for planning and implementing business development strategies and serving as project manager on a variety of projects and with multiple clients.Using her extensive knowledge of the structure and functionality of clinical databases and her understanding of clinical data and its translation into a meaningful database, Karen Tsai is able to successfully coordinate communication and completion of tasks.


Data Operation

Tim Whitaker  is a technical expert when working with data management and manipulation. Having worked across multiple industries, including finance and retail, he is experienced in leveraging data assets to maximize client potential.


Data Engineer

Giannis is experienced in all levels of software development. He has worked with distributed systems and he’s interested in machine learning algorithms.


Social Media Trainer

Nichole is a Partner & Trainer with Social media where she specializes in social media and digital marketing for businesses. During her career, Amy has worked extensively within the retail and franchising sector for both national and international brands. Nichole is passionate about sharing her knowledge of digital marketing with small and large B2B and B2C businesses to help them engage with their customers, drive sales and increase brand awareness.


Video Content Marketing

He more than 20 years of award-winning, multі-рlаtfоrm storytelling, deep expertise in using video to drive high SEO rankings – he prides himself on creating your visual story in interesting and surprising ways. The beauty, novelty, and success of his visuals are unsurpassed.


Social Media Director

She learned the power of social media, strategies in generating compelling social content through viral Facebook, Instagram and Twitter posts. Lindsay has worked in communications for a large, local non-profit and now provides strategies for Media’s fast growing client base.


Photographer & Social Media Strategist

Jessica is passionate about new media and all things digital and always knew she wanted to pursue a career in social media. Combine this with her love for photography and compulsion to document things, Jessica is responsible for all of the photos you drool over on Crave. In her spare time you’re likely to find Jessica snapping photos on her film camera or brainstorming her next overseas trip.


Social Media Assistiant

I’ve worked with computers for as long as I can remember, and I’ve been on social media since the heyday of MySpace! I love working on graphic design, video editing, and photo manipulation. My favorite social media is Twitter, because it’s so on-the-spot and fun! You’ll find me replying to tweets in GIFs more than in word.


Web Development Manger, Developer

As Development Manager, Markus Latzel brings more than 15 years of experience and manages the development  team by organizing and prioritizing projects, assigning daily tasks and delegating task workloads. He interfaces with Wood Streets clientele as a project coordinator guiding them with their technology and staffing requirements, deadlines, project status, project scope, content needs, and quality standards.


Senior Front-End Developer

Ian Stewart is an Adobe Certified Dreamweaver web developer and award-winning web designer who specializes in the use of valid HTML/CSS, Responsive coding, JavaScript and semantic markup. His attention to detail and clean coding practices compliment the skills of the rest of our development team, allowing for flexible and adaptable designs


Senior Graphic Desginer

Bryan Kramer thorough knowledge of design, as well as his keen interest in visual communication, lends itself to just about every type of service provides. This includes web and print design, branding, illustration and media. His passion for a wide variety of visual mediums gives him the drive to master new challenges and match specific needs with unique and effective design solutions.


Programme Manager

Alex is an experienced project manager, online facilitator, presenter, teacher, coach, blog writer, content editor, relationship builder and communicator. I have always been interested in the potential of technology to enrich classroom teaching and learning program’s. I count myself lucky to be living in the age of the Internet and the World Wide Web where I can work to foster engagement, interest and fun for both teachers and students in education.


Senior Developer

Joe Abah  has over 12 years of experience in the multimedia industry. The spark for knowledge and a more thorough understanding of technology started when he graduated with a diploma in 3D Animation. Since then, Joe has constantly pushed himself to become an expert in his field and this passion has lead him to work in graphic design, website design and website development through his own small business.


Senior Android Developer

“My time/weather widget is the first thing you see on my homescreen. It’s very useful to see if the weather is good for a soccer game! Snapchat is the only social network which I actually use, to share a moment with friends and make them smile.


Technical SEO Specialist

Madison is the technical brains behind implementing back end source code and tweaking websites just so. Often times her work isn’t visible to the untrained eye but is definitely noticeable in terms of traffic increases and improved site performance.  Eager to learn the newest trends in SEO including recent Microdata Markup, Rich Snippet Integration and Open Graph Protocol, Madison is always going the extra mile for all her clients.


Senior SEO Specialist

Jonathan  is experienced in running local SEO campaigns that focus on specific service areas. Jonathan  looks out for your best interest when it comes to optimizing your website and business location for local search. He is also an endless supply of advice for branding, public relations, review management and user experience. When it comes to promoting your business online to those in your own community you’ll want Jonathan in your corner.


 SEO Manager

Alison heads up the technical SEO team and  a role focusing on growing clients businesses across the digital landscape via technical and on-site SEO work, best practice consultation and strategic digital marketing. She uses her SEO experience and degree in Computer Information Systems to aid her in working closely with a range of departments and clients, communicating ideas and innovating beyond best practice to achieve the very best results for her clients. She is also responsible for the quality and quantity of the work completed by the whole SEO team, including capacity management and account allocation.


Senior SEO Executive

Marshall heads up the SEO strategy team here at Click Consult and has over ten years’ experience in SEO, having honed his technical and strategic expertise at Money Super Market. This was followed by heading up the SEO team at Think Money Group with a focus on marketing campaign development and SEO project management. During his time working in the industry, he has witnessed the ever changing nature of organic search, its algorithmic shifts and technical development, which has necessitated continual personal development. He specializes in analytic’s, technical SEO and SEO strategy planning & development.

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