Our team keeps a sharp focus on building products and features that matter most to our clients. That’s why our product road-map is constantly updated to reflect changing technology and new customer requirements.

Website Design & Development:

Having a professional designed, developed and securely hosted website is essential for any business no matter how big or small.

Foamy Media have designed and developed over 100 websites in the past 3 years and are able to develop anything from small brochure sites, e-commerce sites or complex bespoke dynamic projects.

The benefits of having a professionally developed bespoke website is that you get exactly what you require and nothing less.

Our philosophy is that every project should have the same care and attention to detail whether it’s a 4 page brochure site  and this is what you get with us.

We design all website projects from the ground up in Photoshop, we do not use any templates or pre-made elements, our design team take your brief and transform this into a full visual mockup of the site.

Once the website design has been signed off our in-house development team open their code editors, go deep into the code zone and work tirelessly to turn the visual design to life.

After the development of the site has been completed, fully tested and approved we launch the website, ready for the world to view and enjoy.

Website Updates & Support :

Ensuring your website is not only kept up-to-date, but also safe and secure is the job of our website support team.

Mobile App Development :

Mobile apps are becoming more and more popular, so having an app for your business is now needed more than ever.

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